Our portfolio - Sylvie Verleye
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Our portfolio

this is what we do

Most of the work we do is in-company workshops. And most of our customers are multinationals. We work with teams on what they need most in terms of clear communication. It can be a sales pitch, an update in a meeting, a conference call presentation, a quarterly figures presentation, a company presentation,… We focus on storyline, how to use PowerPoint and personal style with the ultimate goal IMPACT.

When a CEO or director has this important presentation coming up for a huge audience we suggest personal coaching. We work together on the storyline, how to attract the attention, how to keep attention, how to be prepared to present in a flexible (shorter) way, how to use slides in a visual way, how to use bodylanguage in your own style and how to deal with stress.

A presentation should be like a miniskirt. Short enough to catch everyone's attention and long enough to cover what you need to cover. -WINSTON CHURCHILL
  • Need to do a TEDtalk?

    We help you talk in an authentic way creating impact and confidence.

  • Talk to the board?

    We help you prepare your storyline to communicate in a crystal clear way and keep it short if needed.

  • A Pitch maybe?

    We help you to structure your story and convince your audience verbally and non-verbally.



Maybe you don’t work for a multinational and you are not part of a team but                      you really need help. Are you an independent or freelancer or student, and                         you need to communicate to this important audience?… It might be for an                      event where you can pitch or a thesis you need to present to a jury or anything               else. Please reach out to me because about 3 times a year I organise half day           workshops @ my home to help as many speakers as possible. Your investment                      is 250€ for the half day. And as I am a passionate baker as well, I will surprise                   you for sure with some kind of nice dessert 😉