The New Year's Speech - Sylvie Verleye
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The New Year’s Speech

The New Year’s Speech

It’s nearly that time of the year again, the new year’s speech. Just this morning I got the idea to write on this topic because someone in the training shared his experience.  I always start the second day of a training asking participants if they had already experimented with some techniques I had given.

Jan shared this great story. He is the chairman of a particular organization and from time to time he has to speech. Some 2 weeks ago he did his speech though this time in a completely different way. Till then he had always used a paper and he practically read his speech. I had given them the advice to prepare whatever communication using the magical number 3. It could be 3 tips, 3 reasons, 3 ideas, 3 insights, 3… He had built his speech like this using no paper. The result was that it was more fun for him to do his speech as he could ‘just talk’ and his wife was completely blown away with this new speaker style that clearly worked for the audience as well.

So for your next speech, just talk to them though do this in a structured way using the magical number 3! Enjoy the holidays 🙂

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