How to present with 2 people on stage? - Sylvie Verleye
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How to present with 2 people on stage?

How to present with 2 people on stage?

I am currently doing a workshop and this is a question of 2 of the participants. They did a presentation together and some things went wrong. Like the microphones… The organization asked before the presentation if both of them wanted a microphone and they said “no worries, we will share”. Not the best plan as they have discovered. Always make sure you have your own microphone and check this upfront so that you are not stuck behind a lectern. The other problem with sharing a microphone is that you have to HOLD the microphone steady. If you are nervous and you tremble, difficult. If you use slides and you have a remote control…difficult. Make sure you have a headset and test it!

The second problem was that they were both on stage so when 1 person was talking, the other one was just standing not knowing what to do. What I always advise is that someone does the introduction + first part while the other just sits in the front row. And then they switch places for the other part and conclusion. It is really difficult to constantly switch from one person to another as you need a lot of preparation which most people don’t have/take time for. If you are 2 comedians working together for a long time you can do that but that’s not the idea for a business presentation. If there is a question time in the end you can both be on stage. So prepare well your own part and how you will do the transition from one person to another.

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