From my interview with Tanuja Randery - Sylvie Verleye
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From my interview with Tanuja Randery

From my interview with Tanuja Randery

At the time I interview Tanuja Randery she is Managing Director in London for COLT Telecom. Her story is a great example how presentations can influence a career. It was due to a presentation she started at McKinsey. The Sales Director was in the audience and based on that presentation and her enthusiasm he absolutely wanted to hire her. “I can truly say that all the career steps I took while working for McKinsey are linked to a particular presentation.”

In her opinion women don’t present ‘fact based’ enough (while men don’t use enough anecdotes to prove their point, is my opinion). Apart from that women don’t speak up as often as they can while their men colleagues do that continuously even if they don’t have anything important to say. “If you want to move forward you are responsible, you have to act. And sometimes that means sacrificing quality private time. It is important to set your priorities.”

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