Be creative and keep it simple - Sylvie Verleye
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Be creative and keep it simple

Be creative and keep it simple

Yesterday I gave a training in The Netherlands and as usual one of the topics was the timing of a presentation. You think you have 20 minutes for the presentation, though reality is you only have 10 minutes. For Prime Minister Balkenende it was even worse. His time slot was from 18:00 to 19:00 though they welcomed him on stage 18:55….

He started his presentation saying ‘I am not going to do my prepared presentation. Though I will share with you the learnings I remember from the 5 previous speakers’. And then he just shared from all speakers before him what he thinks to be the most important learning. Simple yet effective structure! He continued till 19:10. Nobody complained, on the contrary… you could hear a needle drop.

Enjoy your next presentation!

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