Your audience is a mixture of 'colors'. - Sylvie Verleye
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Your audience is a mixture of ‘colors’.

Your audience is a mixture of ‘colors’.

A few days ago I talked to a lady who needs help with her presentation. I was explaining to her how I work and everything was well received until I said ‘I work with a model’ and she was like ‘hmm’ frowning. She said ‘I really want my presentation to be able to touch people’. So she thought that using a model would prevent her from getting that result.

So let me explain about the ‘colors’ of your audience. You might know MBTI or insights or HBDI. I know HBDI best and this divides your brain in preference colors. There is a color for rational people who love facts & figures, for people who love structure and details, for the creatives and for emotional people who love stories. Now you are always a mixture of all 4 though most people have 2 colors that are dominant. No matter what your colors are…your audience (especially a big audience) is a mixture of all these colors. So your presentation has to be structured, using PPT (or other visual aid) in a creative way and providing a mixture of facts & figures and stories (anecdotes, examples). If you have this, you cover the whole audience.

So the model helps you to be structured which is important for you though even more important for the audience. And if you want to touch people or inspire the audience focus will have to be much more on anecdotes than facts. Though beware that you cover all elements in your presentation!

In the end I must have convinced her because I will coach her for the presentation and look very much forward to this 😉 Enjoy your next colorful presentation!

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