"WHY" slides instead of "WHAT" slides - Sylvie Verleye
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“WHY” slides instead of “WHAT” slides

“WHY” slides instead of “WHAT” slides

I just did a one hour follow up coaching and we focussed very much on the slides this time. What I saw were slides showing titles. Very often templates force us to do that because this is what we learned, right? Put a title on top of the slide and then a subtitle giving more information. The problem with this kind of slide is that you are showing WHAT the slide is all about. So what should you do?

Show them WHY you show the slide. It is actually pretty easy. Instead of showing a graphic using a title like ‘sales results of the last quarter’ give them the message on the results. Are the results going up or down and with how much. The more concrete you can be, the better and more clear your message will be. So for every slide that you show from now on ask yourself ‘why do I show this slide?’ What is your message?

This is something I actually learned from interviewing Duco Sickinghe years ago. He said: “if you print out your slides and you put them all on the ground in the right order, AND you cover the content of the slides, the titles should tell a story and follow your storyline.” You can only have this result with messages, not with titles. So from now on, ask that WHY question again and again!

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