What we can learn from Steve Jobs - Sylvie Verleye
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What we can learn from Steve Jobs

What we can learn from Steve Jobs

Yesterday I did a follow up coaching. It was a presentation with slides the speaker had created himself. Beautiful slides, great introduction but what I noticed was that he clicked to a next slide and then talked. You might think that this is fine though if you present like this you are the slave of your slideshow. It means that you have to click to continue your story. So what did we work on?

Each time he clicked to a slide I asked him ‘what can you say on the previous slide so that it leads automatically to the next slide’. This means that we worked on linking sentences or sometimes questions to go from one slide to another. This way your story is in the lead and the slides have to follow which is much better.

So what does this have to do with Steve Jobs? He knew the order of the slides by heart! He knew before clicking which slide was coming. He would say something like ‘and here is the quote…’ and then clicked to the next slide which was the quote. So know your slide order by heart and know how to link from one slide to another so that you are in control, not the slides!

Enjoy your next presentation!

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