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Pecha Kucha style

Pecha Kucha style

I just finished a Pecha Kucha style PPT for a customer. Pecha Kucha is a PPT presentation style with a specific format. You always have 20 slides. Every slide is a picture. No words or just a message on the picture. And the PPT automatically changes every 20 seconds from one slide to another. This reduces every presentation to 6 minutes 40 seconds.

Do I like it? Yes and no. I am really in favor of the picture style PPT as this should be the style to talk to big audiences. So that is good. What I don’t like is the 20 second rule because speakers tend to learn the whole presentation by heart then as your story has to fit with the picture on the slide.

What I noticed though during the coaching is that this style actually helps to “memorize” the presentation. If you use slides you absolutely have to remember the order of the slides. So this was an important task for my coachee. And then I told her that every slide (picture) is linked to a specific story or message she wants to convey. It was important for me to convince her that she does not have to memorize word for word though she has to remember the general message or idea she wants to convey linked to each image. And that really worked.

So is it a style I am in favor of? Yes! Because today at big conferences I still see far too many overloaded slides!

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