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One slide, one message

One slide, one message

It has been a long time but I feel like writing about PowerPoint again 🙂 First of all it is important to know that there are 2 types of PowerPoint presentations. First of all a PowerPoint report that you can use to send or print out or use for the discussion. If you wonder what this is? It is the kind of PowerPoint of which you likely have a lot on your computer with a title, bullets, sub bullets and sub sub bullets. It actually looks more like a word document.

On the other hand there are ‘visual slides’ and these are the slides that you can use to support your story. These are the kind of slides that you absolutely need when you talk to a big audience. These are more ‘TED like talks’. It is especially about these slides that I have a tip for you today. Please, please, make sure that you have a MESSAGE on the slide and not a title. Let’s think of a graph that you show to the audience because that is a visual slide as well, I’m not just talking about pictures. Very often I see TITLES on slides. Above the graph I see something like ‘sales results of the last quarter’. With this title you answer the ‘what’ question. What does the graph show? Sales results. Never answer the ‘what’ question but do answer the ‘why’ question. WHY do you show that graph? Because sales went up or down and with how much? The more specific your message, the better!

Enjoy your next presentation!

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