Connecting is key - Sylvie Verleye
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Connecting is key

Connecting is key

Yesterday I gave a workshop to 10 people and 1 of the participants had been in my training 2 years before. I had forgotten, I had not recognized him…although I tend to remember faces really well but not this time 🙁 So I had given them a first exercise to evaluate their body language and especially to see how stressed or confident they look. He had waited till the very end for his exercise, deliberately I guess as he already knew some stuff 😉 His anecdote was about the fact he had already received a presentation training in Malaga and how this lady had helped him to overcome his fear and stand powerful in front of the audience. This lady appeared to be me so you can imagine how surprised, proud, astonished I was when I heard him saying these words.

So what was for me the difference between his exercise and the others. He ‘stood’ natural in front of the audience, but so did some others who had not received my tips yet. The main difference was his connection with the audience. He truly connected with everyone and none of the others did. I was so incredibly proud yesterday to observe him doing this exercise. So if you feel nervous, accept whatever you feel in your body but just know that your body can help you to look powerful. It is really important then how you stand in front of that audience and how well you connect with them!

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