Connect from the very first minute - Sylvie Verleye
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Connect from the very first minute

Connect from the very first minute

Your presentation starts the moment you stand up! I did a training yesterday where the goal of an exercise was to ‘connect’ with the audience. The subject was not that important, it was all about connecting. So someone started doing his introduction though it was only after a minute that he really started to connect. When I asked him about it he said ‘yes but in the introduction I just scanned my audience and I was not really presenting yet…’

You present the moment you go on stage, you present the moment eyes are fixed on you, you present the moment you get out of your chair to walk in front of the audience… For lots of speakers it looks like there is an internal switch. They come in front of the audience and then all of a sudden their body language changes once they are in the story or they start to connect better once they are in the story. Make sure you have the right body language and the right connection from the very start.

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