About Us - Sylvie Verleye
Storytelling Coach Sylvie Verleye started her presentation company in 2000. She inspires and guides speakers to give their best presentation ever. She has built a team of coaches to help her on her mission to help speakers communicate in a crystal clear and confident way.
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About Us

Why I do what I do

I created the Simply Talking method and coached thousands of people for their pitch, TEDTalk, conference, meeting or sales talk. I use my 19 years experience in presenting but also my 7 year experience as a news anchor. For every live television performance I did it struck me again and again how skyrocket high my heartbeat was. But I have learned how to deal with these nerves and love to share these insights with you so that you show confidence on and off stage.

Emilie Somers is my French ‘clone’ and an incredible lady to work with. She has a great talent for entertainment and created her own show for big audiences ‘Workshow’ on bringing joy back in the workplace.

I don’t believe in coincidence and it was a true blessing to meet Erik Eklund, our international speaker. He is Swedish, a globetrotter, and will travel around the world to coach your teams internationally.

Deborah is my Dutch ‘buddy’. When I met her she already was a presentation coach and was trained in The Netherlands. It was interesting to combine our ideas especially as her focus is very much on connecting with an audience. Great to work with kindred spirits!



Our coaching company in numbers

It all started in 2000. I wanted to become a trainer but had no idea in which topic. Very soon I was attracted by presentation skills. I specialized in this domain as I saw there was a need. My book was published in 2009 and now working with team members I can truly say my job is not just a job anymore but a true passion with just one goal: help you prepare and experience your best presentation ever! And don’t let the word ‘presentation’ mislead you. I am not just referring to big audiences… This can be a simple update you need to give during a team meeting as well!


In company group workshops. We visit your office and coach your teams how to use storytelling in presentations to pitch, present and sell with confidence and impact.


Individual coaching to help you prepare that important presentation you need to do like a TED Talk or a conference presentation or an important pitch.


3 hour workshop for groups up to 30 people on how to communicate in a crystal clear way creating impact. Often used in team building sessions.


1,5 hour Lunch & Learn session to inspire you for your next presentation. Great way to get to know my ideas and style.


years experience


Passionate coaches


Communication model


Smiles to serve you

our coaching team

Most people hate the idea of speaking in front of an audience. You know what we have in common? We love it! That does not mean though that we are not nervous for whatever communication we need to do. This is why we do what we do…we love to share our experience and help you communicate with impact and confidence no matter how big or small your audience is.

Sylvie Verleye

Creator Simply Talking method

Emilie Somers

Your French coach

Erik Eklund

Our international coach

Deborah Van den Bos

My Dutch ‘buddy’