Sylvie Verleye | Workshops
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this is what we do

We visit your company to work with your team on what they need most in terms of clear communication. It can be a sales pitch, an update in a meeting, a conference call presentation, a quarterly figures presentation, a company presentation,… We focus on storyline, how to use PowerPoint and personal style.

If you have this important presentation coming up for a huge audience it is better to do a personal coaching. We work together on the storyline, how to attract the attention, how to keep attention, how to be prepared to present in a flexible (shorter) way, how to use slides in a visual way, how to use bodylanguage in your own style and how to deal with stress.

Maybe you are not part of a team and you don’t have that important presentation but you are curious about the model, my tips and ideas. Then you can subscribe for a half day workshop that I organise 4 times a year. Twice in Ghent and twice in Lennik. Your investment is 250€ for the 3 hour workshop. De volgende 3u workshop is in het Nederlands en gaat door op 27 september van 14:00 tot 17:00 in Lennik. Klik op de link voor meer info!