Sylvie Verleye | Storytelling Coach, we help you communicate in a clear confident way
Need to do a TEDtalk or conference presentation? We inspire you to do your best presentation ever. Need to communicate to the board. We help you prepare so that you keep it short and crystal clear.
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about us & what we do

Most of the people we coach have one of these worries: ‘I get extremely nervous just thinking I need to do a presentation’, ‘I need to talk to the board but they never allow me the full timing of the presentation’, ‘I don’t know what to do with PowerPoint anymore because I want to make it visual but my manager asks me to add all the details’, ‘How can I attract and keep the attention of my audience for a longer presentation’ or ‘My audience is not live though a conference call presentation, how do I deal with this’. If you recognize just one of these you have just spotted the right website so read on…


Your presentation is a story not just commenting slides. I have developed my own Simply Talking model to help you build that story using crystal clear messages. The model is based on the pyramid principle of Barbara Minto.

PowerPoint or Powerless

There are different ways to use PPT. A meeting or pitch is different from a TED Talk. And there are alternatives for PPT. Maybe I can even convince you not to use slides for some presentations…


Experienced speakers are nervous too – believe me – but they know what to do to ‘look’ confident. I have no tool kit to make your nerves disappear though I can explain where your nerves come from and how to deal with it.


I help speakers to become ‘conscious’ speakers because you know so much better then how your body can work with or against you. Key is how to connect with an audience and discover your own natural style.


Our Coaching team

Most people don’t like to present to an audience. You know what this team has in common? We love it! That does not mean we are not nervous to present – believe me, we are – though we know how to deal with these nerves and this is what we love to share with you.

Sylvie Verleye

Founder of the company and Simply Talking method

Emilie Somers

Your French Coach

Erik Eklund

Your international coach

Deborah Van den Bos

Your Dutch/English trainer


Years experience


Passionate coaches


Communication model

1000 000

Smiles to serve you

our work & customers

You could say that we have 2 types of customers. On one hand people who need to talk to a big audience. This can be an internal event or it can be a TEDTalk. For these customers the best plan is to choose an individual coaching. We help you with the storyline, the slides, your natural style and how to handle stress.

On the other hand we have a lot of customers who never talk in front of big audiences. They communicate more in a meeting setting. This can be with colleagues, management or even in a 1 on 1 setting where you have to talk to prospects or customers. The best plan then is to follow our workshops where you can experiment with our tips & tricks in front of a live audience.

Download this free e-book with the 7 most important mistakes most people make when preparing and doing a presentation.

BOEK ‘Stilte, Ik Spreek’

I have interviewed 30 women in top positions in Belgium because I really wanted to know how important presentations had been for them to get to that level. The result of the study was that presenting for them was a must have skill to get to that level. The book is a compilation of their tips and my insights on presentations. The book is in Dutch and can be ordered in the shop.


I often give 3 hour workshops. This can be for a team event where I inspire you with my tips & tricks how to communicate in the most efficient way. Focus during these workshops is on how to build a clear story, whether or not to use PowerPoint and how to connect with an audience. This can be for a big audience or small groups.


In this interview you will hear why I believe the skill to present is really important. For men and women. Though women dread the stage more than men I have noticed. And you will hear why I started my company with just 1 focus: presentations!
We are proud to say that most of our customers reach out to us on a regular basis for help regarding their presentations. Focus can be on communication during meetings, pitching to customers, communication for the board or presentations on stage. These are some companies we work for frequently and we sincerely hope you become one of them…

Our services

We work tailor made for the customer though the services we offer most are one of these.

  • In Company Workshops

  • $0
  • We visit your company where we work with groups of maximum 10 people. Usually there are 3 workshops with lots of exercises. Focus on structure, storytelling, your own natural style, stress and how to use PowerPoint. These workshops are highly interactive and we make the exercises as realistic as possible.
  • Individual Coaching

  • $0/mo
  • We work 1 on 1 for that important presentation you need to do. Focus on structure, storytelling, your style and how to create a visual story with powerPoint or Prezi. After this coaching most speakers have the tools needed to continue building their presentation. Most speakers choose to have a follow up dry run.
  • 3 hour workshop for big groups

  • $0/mo
  • You get to know the Simply Talking model and you discover important tips on how to connect with an audience and use PowerPoint. This offer is specifically for people of different companies. I organise these sessions 4 times a year. Most often this is a group of about 10 people and the sessions are highly interactive.
  • 1,5 hour Lunch & Learn session

  • $0/mo
  • This lunch & learn is meant to inspire you for your next presentation. It is interactive with lots of examples and storytelling from my part. This is a great way to get to know my ideas and check out if this can be valuable for your teams. I often do this as a lunch & learn though it can be a completely different timing suited to your needs.